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BucketUpload is a free MIDlet application for smart mobile devices. It allows uploading files to an Amazon S3 bucket. Files could be images, audios, videos or any documents available on your mobile device. BucketUpload provides a file browser able to list folders from local file system, phone memory and sd card.

Note: S3 is a storage service for internet provided by Amazon. It is mainly used for backup (personal or corporate), remote drive, images and videos sharing services. Most known digital photo sharing website based on S3 is SmugMug.

last update : 05/24/2008

BucketUpload is a Java application (MIDlet) for J2ME compliant smart devices. It allows selecting and uploading files to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. It provides the following features:
  • File browser:
    End-user could select one or many files to upload with a file browser. It allows to browse folders and subfolders. Files and folders could be selected from device file system, external SD card and shared folders such as images, audio and video.
  • Progress bar:
    BucketUpload front-end includes a progress bar with current file uploaded, files remaining and average transfer rate after upload.
  • Cancel upload:
    End-user can cancel upload at any time with the "Cancel/Exit" button.
  • S3 settings:
    End-user can setup S3 parameters (bucket name, key identifier and secret key). Permission for file to upload could also be setup thanks to ACL. End-user can select among "private", "authenticated-read", "public-read" and "public-read-write". Default is "private". All parameters are saved into a private store on the device.
Amazon Simple Storage Service settings Main upload screen Device file browser
Amazon S3 settings Main screen Browse files
Select files to upload Confirm upload Files are uploading to S3
Select files Ready to upload Uploading


  Installation from device Download
V 1.0 (free) http://lysesoft.com/pub/bu.html [zip]

You can either download and install BucketUpload directly from your device by opening the URL above into your device's browser. Or you can download the ZIP archive and transfer both .jad and .jar into your device before installing.

Using installation from URL is recommended.

BucketUpload requires a recent device to work such as Nokia N series. According to the following database, more than 270 devices provided by Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Sagem and Sony-Ericsson are compliant.
J2ME with MIDP 2.0 + CLDC 1.1 + FileConnection API support must be available on device.

Install into your device

  • I get "MethodNotAllowed" error when uploading file ?
    Are you sure you've setup bucket name parameter in S3 settings ? If you've left it empty with S3 URL configured then you will get this error.

  • How to setup BucketUpload to my own S3 bucket ?
    Click on "Options" on the phone and select "Settings" item. It will display all S3 settings. URL is already setup, you don't have to modify it. Fill in bucket name and your AWSAccessKeyId with AWSSecretKey and click "Save". All parameters are mandatory. Your settings are saved into your device and are only available for BucketUpload.
    s3 settings

  • I get "NoSuchBucket" error, what did I miss ?
    This error means that the bucket name you've setup in S3 settings doesn't exist. You may made a typo. Check the bucket name.

  • I get "InvalidAccessKeyID" error, what's wrong ?
    This error means that AWSAccessKeyId you've setup in S3 settings doesn't exist. You may made a typo. Double check it.

  • I get "SignatureDoesNotMatch" error, why ?
    This error means that AWSSecretKey you've setup in S3 settings is not correct then your signature doesn't match with the one computed by Amazon S3 server. typo. Double check it, pay attention, it's case sensitive.

  • How can I cancel current upload ?
    While uploading click on "Options" menu and select "Cancel transfer". It may doesn't work immediately on some devices and you may wait for the current upload to be completed. Cancel will apply on next file. However, if you really need to stop current upload immediately then you can click "Exit". It will close and quit BucketUpload. Cancel upload

  • How to get rid of "Allow application BucketUpload to read user data" prompt ?
    Even if the application is digitally signed with a trusted and valid certificate (Thawte), some options may need to be slightly modified on device to avoid such annoying repetitive security prompt. "Read user data" is a device permission you can update for trusted signed applications. You have to find the "Read user data" permission for BucketUpload and update it from "Ask every time" to "Always allowed". Under Nokia recent devices, it's under Menu -> Tools -> App.mgr. -> BucketUpload -> Options -> Suite settings -> Read user data. Security prompt
    BucketUpload in Application Manager Default Read user data permission Always allowed permission

  • Transfer doesn't seem to work with my device, what can I do ?
    First, check out the BucketUpload (J2ME) support forum available here. Second, you can enable the "verbose" mode of BucketUpload. Press num key "3" around 1 second while the splashcreen is displayed. You will notice two new menus in the "About" section. One is "Device properties" allowing to display details about your devices. Another is "Application traces" allowing to get logs of the application. You can switch to DEBUG level to get more traces. If an error occurs then you should see details in traces. You could post them in the forum for troubleshooting. Splash screen
    About section Device properties Traces and debug mode

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